Panoramic video-related demand collection

Our panoramic technology has been successfully applied to varies products now. With the performance, equality and robustness is converging to a optimal status, we can say this without exaggeration: this is one of the top panoramic video technology in the world.
We have the highest stitch&blending performance in the world. 10s of millions of pixeles can be stitched in real-time on just one mid-range laptop computer. In the powerful driven of this stitch&blending module, we can achieve ultra high definition panoramic live on a laptop. We have implemented 40 megapixel panoramic security surveillance cameras, moreover, we support up to 30 different panoramic views which works in sub-stream mode to be stitch&blending simultaneously.Some other details include:
1. Real-time switching of sub-stream/main-stream mode.Use sub-stream in preview mode, and main-stream instead when you need to see more details. This is very suitable for the field of security monitoring.

2. Different kinds of panorama type, including but not limited to immersive sphere/semi-sphere/cylindrical,rectilinear/cylindrical/equirectangular/circular/stereographic, binocular up-down/left-right,etc.

3. Both real-time display and output panoramic image to other algorithm such as pattern recognizing is supported.

4. We can map the panoramic pixel coordinate/input pixel coordinate/the physical direction of real world to each other. With its help, we can achieve local erea zoom in or some AR effects.

We have implemented a powerful calibration algorithm, supporting the calibration of camera rigs with any number or any type of cameras, special case such as small overlapping is also supported. The stitching seam is minimized to theortical optimal, a stable result can be obtained with a fixed calibration process, with a very low rework rate.

We have independent intellectual property rights of ALL the technology mentioned above. The core technology is not dependent on any third party implementation such as PTGUI/OpenCV,etc. As a result, we are with fully control of all the details in the technology, we never stuck in a problem caused by third party code.


Now it’s time to say the real purpose of this essay: we are collectting the panoramic video related demands, from all of you. We need your help.

We are planning to build a panoramic video device for industry applications. We want to know the most urgent demands and desire in your business. You can post a brief comment under this post, or email us:

We look forward to your response.

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